Italia / Roma


DJsaur relegated to a pension for retired DJs after years spent spinning the records in a lot of club all around Italian boot.

Since he was a puppy he was crazy for using music software to compose many videogames soundtracks. By chance a day he bumps into music tapes and Revox, until a night he meets Ben Liebrand in a club… A jump!

Since then he becomes a megamix lover and learning the art of electronic “sewing” he starts to use all the kind of music to create massive megamix.

Marco Filippini aka DjBlasto, was born in Rome in 1966. From a young age he became passionate about this art, starting to move the first school parties. He begins to conduct some programs in some local radio stations, and over time he manages to pick up the console of some Southern Italian discos. After a long period he returns to Rome again and begins a long collaboration with the Picasso Discobar after playing for various clubs in the capital. He decides to hang the headphones on the nail more than 20 years ago, but the passion does not die and decides to continue selecting the music, creating three projects: Discosauro, a set dedicated to the Funky House and Nu-Disco sounds, Mix in Action (MIA ) a journey into the house and tech house sounds of the last 10 years and Je Suis Le Funk, where funk and nu-funk sounds intertwine for the finest palates.